Product Overview

What’s new?

Our cream candies with a new look.
Extra creamy – made with the highest quality cream. The regional sourcing of fresh cream, from the Boerde Region of Germany, makes our cream candies even creamier. Mmmh!
Our cream candies with a new look.

Our assortment.

Our product range includes sugar and sugar free candies, sugar coated sweets, seasonal products and sugar & chocolate strands.

Hard candies
Our hard candies (formed or pressed) are available in a variety of flavours and packaging. The bestselling hard candies in the export markets being sugar free candies, cream candies and raspberry candies.

Sugar coated sweets
This range includes sweet roasted peanuts, Monstermix, winter balls, liquorice comfits and mini fruits in attractive stand-up bags and classical cone shaped bags. The most popular export products from this range include the sweet roasted peanuts and mini fruits.

We also offer traditional Easter specialities including our sugar coated eggs with soft or liquid filling and sugar free eggs (HoppEi) in colourful packaging. Our range even covers the Winter and Christmas season by offering the winter balls.

Another highlight is the Monstermix which is a sugar coated sweet

with a tangy sherbet filling - but be careful, it even turns your tongue a funny colour!! An obvious favourite with the kids.

Our brand new fruity filled soft dragees: Green Apples, Sour Lemon, Wild Cherry and Pink Grapefruit were launched at the ISM 2008. Along with this range, we also presented our new sugar free chewy dragees (“HoppEi”)

Our new design raspberry-, sweet fruit- and apple woodruff candies will be launched at the ISM 2009 along with our new sugar free eucalyptus-menthol in flip boxes

Sugar - & chocolate strands

Bodeta also produces sugar and chocolate stands (vermicelli) for the bulk and wholesale trade.

Flexible packaging
One of our selling points is our flexibility with regard to packaging making it possible to pack in different styles and sizes of packaging ranging from retail to bulk packaging.

We also offer promotion displays.