Hard candies

Traditional manufacturing meets the latest standards and innovative product development. Filled or unfilled with a large variety of flavours.

Cream candies

Extra creamy – made with the highest quality cream.

A classic favourite – with a smooth and creamy taste. The best ingredients and skills ensure pure indulgence with our cream candies.
Cream candies: 245g retail bag

Eucalyptus-menthol candies

Our strong ones – eucalyptus-menthol candies.

Everybody knows them, everybody loves them. A refreshing and soothing candy.
Our unique recipe and fresh taste make our eucalyptus candies so special and distinctive.
The candies are individually wrapped and packed in a colourful bag.

Eucalyptus-menthol candies:  150g / 250g retail bag

Raspberry candies in bottom bag

Sweet raspberry candies – our classic candies.

Who does not know it – the traditional raspberry fruit candy. Our raspberry sweets shine on the shelves with their attractive, colorful and eye-catching design. Perfectly matched in shape, color, appearance and taste, it is an absolute must. Our sweet raspberries are available in 200 g resealable bags.

Organic candies

Filled organic candies

Our very special sweets. Delicious filled organic candies packed in attractive and „clean looking“ packaging.
Available in 4 flavours:
- ginger-herbs
- ginger-cherry
- multifruit
- eucalyptus-menthol

Sweet fruits candies in bottom bag

Zitrone, Orange, Brombeere und Himbeere – unsere bunte und fruchtige Bonbon-Mischung.

Im attraktiven, bunten und auffälligen Design strahlt unseren Traditionsbonbons.
Die Bonbons aller Geschmacksrichtungen variieren in Formen und Farben – Aussehen und Geschmack sind perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt und gestalten die Bonbons besonders individuell.

Der 200 g Bodenbeutel bietet Platz für die bunte Bonbon-Mischung mit den Geschmacksrichtungen: Zitrone, Orange, Brombeere und Himbeere.