Tradition since 1892

Company profile

Quality is our top priority!

Bodeta Süßwaren GmbH has higher level accreditation from the most important auditing bodies in the food industry.
We are constantly developing new products for the Bodeta Süßwaren GmbH brand and private label.
We have an extensive portfolio of own-brand and private label products serving all sectors of the market – retail, pharmacies, gourmet stores etc.
As well as the domestic market, we are also well represented internationally delivering a range of products from own Bodeta Süßwaren GmbH brand in retail/bulk packaging to private label products to international retailers.

Company history

1892 founded in Oschersleben as Becker & Schmidt
first products: pralines and chocolate bars

1923 registration of the "Bodeta" brand (from Bodetal) in the trademark register

1933 renamed Bodeta
employees: 300

1945 compulsory expropriation
products: first noodles and soy flour, then pralines and substitute chocolate, then sweets and dragees

1980 incorporation into the VEB confectionery combine (Directorate: Delitzsch/Halle)
products: fondant, dragee, sweets (highlight: chocolate nougat) employees: 350

1990 closure of the Hadmersleben plant (nut dragees and malt production for beer, affected employees: 112), other shareholders until liquidation through recession transfer: Treuhand Berlin

1991 commissioning of the casting line for sweets

1992 takeover by Indawisa Holding AG, SwitzerlandProducts: Dragees, sweets
Sales: €4.0 million, employees: 144

1993 takeover of the business activities (know-how and machines) of Johannes G. Munzel KG, Berlin and start of the production of sprinkles and flakes

1996 commissioning of the sugar silo (36 t capacity)

1997 introduction of the world's first confectionery with the TransFair seal

1999 access to the Internet:
Certification as a manufacturer of organic sweets

2003 commissioning of the embossing line for sweets
commissioning of the dragee coater

2012 commissioning of a cooking machine for sweets and dragees

2013 renewal of the boiler house, commissioning of the winding machine

2016 commissioning of the embossing machine for sweets

2017 commissioning of the cooking system for the candy casting line

2019 commissioning of the candy casting line including cooling

Company strategy

Growth through innovation

Bodeta Süßwaren GmbH GmbH is one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in Saxony-Anhalt and, with 120 employees, is one of the most important local employers. In recent years, the company has been able to successfully survive in the highly competitive confectionery market thanks to innovative products and quick and flexible customer service modernize large investments in plants and buildings. Our Easter specialties, sweets and dragees are listed nationwide. With the roasted peanuts, we have significantly expanded our national market shares. Exports are made to various countries in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and the Far East. In addition to its own products, Bodeta Süßwaren GmbH produces its own brands and private labels for various well-known customers. Bodeta Süßwaren GmbH will continue to open up lucrative market niches through interesting product innovations and consistently continue on the path from a volume supplier in the low-price segment to a flexible specialty producer.