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Bodeta Süßwaren GmbH

Bodeta Süßwaren GmbH is one of the largest confectionery producers in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The company was founded in Oschersleben/Bode in 1892. With 120 employees Bodeta Süßwaren GmbH is one of the largest employers in the region. Due to innovative products and flexible customer service we have been able to continuously increase production quantities and invest at a high level in machinery and building modernisation.

Candy maker, packer, stacker, sugar shaker, ...
We are looking for you all! Become part of our sweet team and apply to us.
You can find our current job advertisements and job offers here.

Hard candies

Our classics.
Candies filled and unfilled with different flavors.

Sugar free candies

Our specials.
The fresh and fruity candy treat – without sugar.


Our snappy.
Crunchy dragee creations made from liquorice comfits and mini fruits variations.

Nut dragees

Our speciality.
Fine peanut kernels with a crunchy coating for special nibbling fun.

Private label

We offer the best quality for your product ideas. We are also happy to develop individual items.

Seasonal products

Our refined ones.
Colourful sugar coated eggs with a soft center or liquid filling.